Why Social Smartans?

SocialSmartans a first of it’s kind Millennial targeted Influencer marketing Agency, which acts as a liaisons Between Brands and Digital Media Influencers.
We, at SocialSmartans take pride in having a highly engaged community of around 3,000+ social media influencers across all consumer verticals and social platforms. Our mission is to provide brands a “voice” through a “high-quality content” and “visual story-telling” collaboration with our creative and socially intelligent influencers. Who are experts in creating original, high-quality and appealing content to drive great engagement for your brand with perfect alignment to your target audience and your personal goals.


Are you an influencer or content creator ? Are you a brand?

Look no further since SocialSmartans is here to create a win-win strategy and act as a bridge between brands and online content creators.
The way every brand has a Marketing strategy, PR Strategy and media strategy, your brand also needs an influencer strategy which had been much underrated till few years back. Our specialized influencer marketing Services helps you generate targeted exposure through our end-to-end campaign management and influencer Strategy to gain best results.

Influencer Casting

We’re millennial and know well how our generation communicates and what we like to read and visualize. We, at Socialsmartans provide you with the chance to collaborate with high reach Social Influencers.

We assist brands partner with key social media influencers to create engaging and creative content, product recommendation and reviews across there owned media channels.

Influencer Events

Our influencers know this great skill to spin the yarn resulting in some wonderful and inspiring stories providing you with a great engagement both online and offline.

Apart from this, we profile and recruit influencers to attend events like product launches, roadshows or even seminars which turns out to be great way to connect with audience and to learn more about the industry and understand how people engage with Brands and products on a regular basis.

Influencer Marketing Strategize

We're more than just another do-it-yourself software tool. Customization and tailor-made solutions are our primary focus. Our influencer marketing campaigns are always custom built — never off-the-shelf. This managed approach brings expertise to every step of the development process, resulting in influencer programs being as unique as possible just like your brand.

The premium content our influencers create is surrounded with key strategy points, geared toward distribution, promotion, brand recognition, and ultimately conversion.

Content Creation

They say- “Content is king”. More so for us because our platform relies completely on a great content and hence we take it a way too seriously.

We work with our creative and talented influencers to produce authentic, story-driven content that lives beyond the campaign itself, while infusing the brand’s core message into everything we do.

Additionally, we create highly engaging, shareable content for brands and agencies all over the world. We provoke conversation, drive engagements to your social media handles and websites and get your brand visible to right people at the right time.


Right from inception of the idea through activation, distribution, and wrap, SocialSmartans execute the entire engagement campaign end-to-end. Post execution, we provide our clients a detailed wrap report which contains all pertinent information broken down into easily digestible takeaways. It also ensures comprehensive learnings and continued success through future campaigns. Additionally, one can perform a comparative analysis of the periodic growth through our exhaustive reports.


SocialSmartans is inviting all the influencers to our community and take part in our campaigns. Brands are already in love with how we function and plenty of Campaign, sponsorships opportunities from them are waiting right here for you. As part of our influencer club, you can leverage various collaboration opportunities and get paid to Blog, Vlog, Tweet, Create, & Share for the brands you adore

Come, sign up for free, & monetize your passion.

Partner with Brands

Still waiting for a brand to respond to your cold pitch? Worry not! Browse through hundreds of Brands who are in a look-out for Digital Media Influencers and Celebrities to promote their product on various channels.

Easy Payments

Sign up with us to avail hassle-free payment options between PayPal and bank transfer.Receive payments within 4 weeks of submitting the insights of your project completion.

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Build Your Brand through Influencers

SocialSmartans has around 3,000 talented influencers on board across all niche ranging from sports, fashion, gaming, lifestyle, travel, technology and automotive. The social-media platforms we target are YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.
Our motive is to help you find the most suitable influencers for your preferred social media platform to ensure maximum engagement and real results.
We have a customized and detailed reporting system in place to find influencers with a relevant engagement metrics who also tailor-fit into your specific requirement of brand alignment and budget.

What Customers Say About Us

Mr. Niranjan Sha

"SocialSmartans helped us promote a contest for new sneakers. We received great engagement and many followers!"

Ms. Liyaa

"SocialSmartans helped us to fine-tune our social strategy and focus attention on Micro- Influencers, while also freeing up time previously spent on verifying and hiring influencer."